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Invader ZIM

Squishy: Hugger of Worlds
A Fanmade Script by FanScripts.

[Space. Alien War Ships fly through the dark stretching Space. Explosion and Laser sounds ring out.]

Voice 1: AAAAAAH!
Voice 2: He's coming!
Voice 3: Squishy: Hugger of Worlds!
Voice 2: Aaawww look at him hugging the pla-


[The words "SQUISHY: HUGGER OF WORLDS" race across the Screen. One cardboard ship slowly comes across the screen.]

Pilot (Who can't be seen): Pew, pew, pew pew. KA-BLAM!

[The Cardboard ship explodes.]

On Earth........

[Dib is on his roof crowded with strange high-tech objects. He is wearing Headphones on his head.]

Dib: Squishy? What sort of name is that?

[Camera pans to Gaz, who has got up onto the roof]

Gaz: A Name of certain Destruction and Doom

[The Camera pans out so both Dib and Gaz are seen]

Dib: Gaz, how did you get up here?!?!

Gaz: Aeroplane.

[In the background a Plane crashes and explodes a few roads away. The Camera slowly pans in on Dib.]

Dib: Anyway. Using SCIENTIFIC equipment I have discovered that an Alien called Squishy has been going around hugging planets as a sign of love and gratitude. However his hugs are so strong that he makes every planet explode! Hopefully he won't find his way to Earth.

[The Camera pans out to its original position. Dib looks to where Gaz was but she has suddenly disappeared. Dib frowns.]

Dib: I believe however that if he does come to earth, it would take him a couple of weeks or so. So I have time to prepare just incase he does.

[The Camera moves to the left and Gaz is suddenly next to Dib.]

Gaz: Just get some sleep already. It's 11 o'clock.

Dib: Well shouldn't you be in bed? You're younger than me!

Gaz: I'm nocturnal. [Gaz mutates into a huge hideous cross of a Vampire and Bigfoot. Huge Dark Wings sprout out of her back and her eyes turn red. Fangs also grow from her mouth. This all happens really quickly and then reverse footage of this transformation is seen and Gaz is normal again.]

Dib: Well..... I should get some sleep anyway. I need to be ready tomorrow to stop Zim's diabolical plan. I found out he is putting cats in the Water Pipes and stopping us from getting Water Resources.

Gaz: Yeah... Right... I am gonna go to my bed before I become crazy too. Dib.

[Dib looks awkwardly at Gaz and follows her back into the house. The screen fades to black and then fades back in from black to show Zim and Gir having a discussion in the living room.]

Zim: Gir, for the last time! A Dog does not say "Bacon is tasty I am a dog." They merely say "Woof!" You get down on all fours, make some growling noises and shout "Woof!" You got that?

Gir: Okie dokie!

Zim: Demonstrate.

[Gir gets down on all fours, growls and then takes a big breath as he prepares to talk.]

Gir: Bacon is tasty!

Zim: You stupid fool!

Gir: I know...... [Sticks tongue out and smiles]

Zim: Ok Gir, for the Sixty-Fourth time you don't say-

[BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Zim's computer comes down from the ceiling]

Computer: Warning! Alien threat approaching earth!

Zim: Meh, it will take a couple of weeks to get here! This planet is far from the other colonised planets!

Computer: Warning! Creature almost near atmosphere of earth!

Zim: It will burn up in the atmosphere!

Computer: Warning! Creature within Atmosphere!

Zim: What! What is the identity of this foul demon!?!?

Computer: Collecting Information..... COLLECTING INFORMATION! Creature known as Squishy.

Zim: Pah! What sort of name is that?!?!

Computer: Also known as Hugger...

Zim: Pah! Wha-

Computer: ...Hugger of Worlds! Squishy: Doom Hugger, Squishy: Lord of all

[Zim's eyes widens and his face is full with fright. This suddenly changes though and Zim becomes an angry moron like usual]

Zim: This creature dare say it is more superior than me!

Computer: Well yeah, it's like 10 times your size master

Zim: I will teach it to mess with Zim! I shall-

Computer: -But you haven't met it yet...

Zim: You lie! I shall find it in space and blast it into oblivion!

Gir: Into oblivion.....

[The Screen fades to a clip of the roof of Zim's house opening and Zim in his ship flying into space towards a brown object too far away to be described. It then shows Zim in space and he notices Squishy in the distance.]

Zim: Squishy!

[The Brown blob in the distance turns around to reveal a small circle mouth with teeth all around it and cute eyes. Zims eyes go pink and look like they are in a trance.]

Zim: Awww it's so cute! Wait a minute! Your mind boggling cute tricks don't work on me! I am Zim!

[The Creature's eyes fill with hate and it's mouth changes to a frown. It quickly launches itself at Zim and he steers out of the way and smirks. The creature then turns around to face Zim again.]

Zim: Hahahahaha! You cannot defeat an Irken warrior! I am Zim, part of the strongest race in the Universe! Your mere launching attacks won't harm me!

[Faster this time, the creature launches itself at Zim. As it closes in Zim shouts]

Zim: Now!

[Zim presses a Purple Button with the Irken symbol on it and two Laser Cannons reveal themselves on the side of the Voot Cruiser and blast Squishy int the face backwards until he eventually slows down and floats.]

Zim: Yes, yes! Bow down to Zim! Your new lord and ruler, your-

[Squishy starts crying REALLY loudly.]

Zim: Uhh, eh? What are you doing? Stop crying! I command you to stop!

[Squishy continues crying.]

Zim: I order you to stop crying! Stop! I am Zim!

[A Space Rock floats towards Squishy and he eats the rock and he stops crying. Squishy looks around for more and sees none. He automatically starts crying again.]

Zim: Stop! I can give you more of that disgu-I mean delicious food!

[Squishy stops crying and the camera shows a closeup of Zim from behind in his ship. The Huge Creature's eyes look down on him.]

Zim: But first, you have to do something for me! Heheheheh...

[The Camera fades to black.]

[It fades back into a clip of Squishy rampaging through the city as he smashes buildings over.]

Zim: Muahahahahahahaha! Go on Squishy! Destroy the Earth! Find a place good enough to hug the world!

Voice: Zim!

[The Camera pans out to show Dib behind Zim.]

Zim: The Dib! Squishy! Your ruler commands you!

[Squishy turns around and looks down at Dib.]

Dib: Okay..... I don't know what the heck that creature is but you have to stop!

Zim: Why Dib?! I'm achieving my goal!

Dib: No you aren-

Zim: Squishy! Lunch time!

[As Squishy closes in on Dib, Dib pleas to Zim.]

Dib: You do realise you aren't achieving your goal! See some sense!

Zim: Hahahahaha Dib-stink! Your words won't harm me!

Dib: But- but... If you get the Monster to do the doom for you..... You aren't a real invader! You're a ripoff! A lier! It would be Squishy destroying the world!

[Zim's eyes widen as he realizes.]

Zim: How dare you not call me an invader! Only I destroy this planet!

[Dib sighs as Zim turns around to face Squishy.]

Zim: Squish- Where's he gone!?!

Dib: Great, now we have to search for it. If this turns out like that time that hamster attacked the city then I am not gonna be satisfied.

[A Person runs past screaming]

Person: Aaah! That thing... It just broke the wall on Fourth Street!

Dib: Oh come on! That is s lame!

[Zim faces Dib]

Zim: The Dib! This is your fault!

Dib: My fault?! You brought it here!

Zim: I wouldn't be an invader if it destroyed earth!

Dib: You still can! Not that I really want you to, but this is a time of need.

Zim: Yes! The mighty Zim will defeat Squishy!

Dib: I was suggestiing we combine forces...

Zim: I would never join forces with you!

Dib: We already did when we had to find a cure for being turning into Bologna!

Zim: You lie!

[Montage starts of Squishy destroying the city. It shows Squishy with a happy face as a gleeful happy song plays in the background. A Group of Army Tanks approaches Squishy and starts shooting at him. Squishy just simply steps on the tanks and continues destroying the city. This time an air force arrives and rapidly fires bullets at Squishy's face. Squishy cringes as they brush against his face and he jumps up and down eating them as he grabs them in his mouth. As he lands after his jumps he creates massive earthquakes that sends buildings crumbling and vehicles flying. Squishy advances towards a Space Museum and sees that the sign on the top of it resembles the moon, which appears to be a space rock to Squishy. Squishy quickly eats it and electricity surges through Squishy. Squishy groans in disgust and spits the sign back out and it lands in a fire creating a huge explosion as the music slowly drains away.]

Zim: Did you see that?

Dib: The Electricity harmed it! It's a cold-blooded beast!

Zim: And that is why it eats Space Rock!

Dib: So all we have to do.....

Zim: Is heat things up! Hahahahahaha!

Dib: All right let's go to your.....

[The two notice Squishy heading for Zim's house.]

Dib: ...base......

Zim: It wants more Space Rock! I promised it space rock after destruction of the earth!

[Dib and Zim rush after Squishy who is almost near the base. The camera then shows Squishy closing in on Zim's house. Squishy sniffs the air and crouches down to look inside the base through the window. It then shows Gir in his dog disguise with a pig on the sofa. They are watching The Scary Monkey show on the TV. The monkey is sitting in a desert on the back of a camel growling. Zim can be heard in the background shouting "Gir!" The camera then goes back to Zim.]

Zim: Gir! Gir, get out of there!

[The camera changes back to Gir in the house again and he looks out of the window. Gir screams as he sees Squishy peering in through the window. He quickly grabs the Pig and rushes out of the door as he slams it open. Squishy squeezes into the base through the door. The walls of the house largen and then the house explodes and Squishy stands up. He then looks down at the two enemies.]

Zim: No! My base!

Dib: What are we gonna do now?!?

Zim: Do you have anything in your puny human house?

Dib: No... Not anythi- Wait yes! I have my Dad's Hover helmet which you so horribly replaced with rubber pig that one time.

Zim: How do we even remember that? But who cares, we must hurry!

[Zim and Dib rush back down the street and Gir remains sitting on the road. The pig runs away in fright. The screen fades to Dib searching through the attic. Zim is sitting on a box.]

Dib: Where is it?!

Zim: Why must you have so much stuff! It's so difficult finding it!

Dib: But you aren't even searching..... You're just sitting down...

Zim: That's cause I was wondering when your feeble earth mind will realise that I am modifying the helmet as we speak!

[The camera shows that then helmet is on Zim's lap and he is taking some circuits out.]

Dib: You could of told me. What are you doing?

Zim: Just salvage some parts from your science equipment and make a quick basic design of a ship.

[A Ten second montage plays of Zim modifying the circuits and Dib building a spaceship.]

Zim: And we need a claw here.

Dib: What for?

Zim: To grab space rock of course!

Dib: So we are going to lure Squishy into space?

Zim: Yes! How stupid can you be to not know that?

Dib: I dunno... Okay, the ship is finished!

Zim: Not yet! We just need to fit this circuit in and- Hey presto! There we go! I would never say that...

[Zim fits the circuit in and Zim gets into the ship, Dib following.]

Zim: Okay, let's get some Space Rock!

[The screen fades to them in space.]

Dib: So why are we heading to pluto?

Zim: You are gonna gather some space rock from it! Now! I don't like this partnership so I want to hurry up and finish this!

Dib: Fine...

[Dib is ejected from the ship and he slowly and quietly lands on Pluto. He thumbs up to Zim as Zim smirks.]

Zim: What a pitiful fool. And unfortunately he will not be around to see me destroy the world!

[The claw comes out of the rocket and it grabs Pluto. Zim heads back towards Earth.]

Dib: Hey what are you doing? AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

[As the space blurs a brief frame of the TARDIS is passed by the planet.]

Zim: Nobody considers Pluto as a planet anymore Dib! So now it's just a piece of rock!

Dib: Zim, we were a team!

Zim: Heheheh, me and you, a team? Never! Along with Squishy you shall be sent off away from earth! You see, it was my plan all along! Hahahaha-

Dib: What?! No it wasn't, it was to conquer earth with the aid of Squishy!

[Zim frowns.]

Zim: You lie!

[The ship approaches earth and at this point Squishy is now hugging it and cracks are appearing all over it.]

Zim: Squishy!

[The creature looks at the ship and sees Pluto. It squeals in Happiness and launches itself towards Pluto. Zim's eyes widen and he quickly launches Pluto into another dimension, Squishy following.]

Zim: Hahahahahaha! Take that Dib!

[A Title card appears, it says "Elsewhere..." The Irken ship is then seen and it is firing at a lime green planet with a huge yellow smiling face on it. The camera then changes to show Tallest Red and Purple.]

Purple: That's the last of the doughnuts! And boy were they delicious!

Red: You had to eat ALL of the doughnuts?

Purple: You know they're tasty admit it!

Red: We haven't had a call from Zim recently. It's kind of freaky.

Purple: He must finally be de-

[A Huge Portal opens up in front of their ship and Pluto comes flying out. Squishy is attached to it taking huge bites out of it. Pluto smashes into the Massive and smashes the window. The Portal then closes and the camera zooms out and away from the Massive as screaming is heard and Squishy roars then says...]

Squishy: Squishy!

I have decided to write the script for the unfinished episode of Invader ZIM "Squishy: Hugger of Worlds" Originally Jhohen Vasquez and the other crew of the show had planned that for this double-length episode that Squishy would come to the earth and hug it to destruction. However it was not able to have been made because Nickelodeon cancelled the show. I kinda hurried it up at the end of the script.

Invader Zim (C) Jhohen Vasquez
Squishy: Hugg (C) Jhohen Vasquez
This FanScript (C) Me
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