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My Neighbor Totoro FanFic - Snapped
By Philip Stevens

"Bye!" shouted Satsuki.
"Bye!" copied Mei. The year was 1972 and it had been 14 years since they moved. They had moved to an old, unattended house, which was packed with Susuwatari which were Weird Little Dark things that could float. However, they had been long gone. Back in 1958 when they first moved there, they had met Totoro, king of the forest. He was a huge brownish bunny creature who could only be seen through the eyes of a child. He was friendly, and fluffy. Mei still saw him regularly as she was around 17. Satsuki however couldn't as she was now over 20 and could not see him. All of Satsuki's friends had moved away not so long ago, and Nanny was the only friend she had left. "Bye!" shouted Nanny.
"Goodbye!" shouted Tutseo, their father.
"We'll miss you!" shouted Yasuko, their mother.
"I will miss you too!" shouted Nanny.
"Mama, Papa. Can me and Satsuki say bye to Totoro before we leave?" asked Mei.
"Totoro?" asked Yasuko. She hadn't heard his name for a long time, despite knowing Mei still saw him.
"I don't see why not" answered Tutseo.
"Yay!" shouted Mei and Satsuki.
"But be quick!" shouted their dad as they ran off. Mei led them to the entrance to Totoro's forest.
"Look, the entrance is open!" pointed Mei. They climbed in and headed through the small tunnel. Eventually, they reached Totoro and his friends.
"Totoro! Are you here?" asked Satsuki. Her head looked over to his bed in which Mei was running to. This meant he was most certainly there as Mei could see him.
"Totoro!" laughed Mei as she hugged him. He spun around, holding the umbrella Satsuki had given him all those years ago. When he saw Satsuki he adopted a huge smile. It had been a long time since he saw her! Though she couldn't see him, and it looked like Mei was hugging thin air whilst floating, Satsuki could sense Totoro was smiling. "I'm happy to see you too" smiled Satsuki as she walked down to Mei, who had now let go of Totoro. Satsuki felt around the air to find Totoro, until she touched him. With lots of love, she gave him a massive hug. She then let go. "Totoro, I have something to tell you" said Satsuki, struggling to keep the tears of joy from rolling down her face. "We're moving." Totoro pulled a confused face, what was she talking about?
"She means, we are moving, as in going to live somewhere else. Not you, but me and Satsuki" explained Mei. Totoro frowned and sat down. "Don't get upset!" shouted Mei.
"We will always love you, and will truly miss you" told Satsuki. Totoro looked up at them and stood. He stretched his arms right open and Mei just stared. "You will always be a hu- WAAH!" Totoro gaved them both a huge hug! He then released them and the two sisters smiled. They waved one final time and rushed back to the Moving Van, which was just about to leave. "Ah, there you are" smiled Tutseo. "Get in the truck. Oh, did you see Totoro?" Mei looked at him.
"Yes Dad. And now we will not see him again..." murmured Mei.
"Oh don't worry" reassured Yasuko. "Don't get upset." Satsuki and Mei sat down. A tear rolled down her face. She was leaving one of her most favorite places forever. She had said her goodbyes to Totoro, but she wasn't even able to see him, yet Mei was. As the truck drove away, she and Mei looked out of the window. They could see Catbus and Kittenbus who waved at them happily. Mei waved back, so Satsuki waved too, guessing another creature she couldn't see was there. This made more tears roll down her face. They were moving to London, where there was more better schools. She guessed it would be ok, but without Totoro...

Back at Totoro's forest, he walked around. He wasn't very happy, in fact, he was very upset. He looked at his Umbrella, the only thing he had left to remember Satsuki and Mei. Totoro then saw his Spinning Top and some seeds and smiled. He remembered his powers. He looked around and wondered. Would he be able to? He looked at the Umbrella. He raised his umbrella into the air and stood on the Spinning Top as it arose upwards into the sky. He smiled his huge famous grin and looked down at the empty house Satsuki once lived in. He threw the Umbrella down at it and the Umbrella spun around it. The house erupted into rainbow flames and then went back to normal. Totoro then looked at the road and a Truck drove up it. In it was an Australian Man and his one son. The moving truck pulled up outside Satsuki's old house. The two Australians jumped out and the boy looked up. "Dad, look at that huge bunny in the sky!" He said as he pointed up to Totoro.
"You, my child, have clearly had too much coffee today!" smiled his dad as he walked into the house. Totoro smiled down at the boy, who continued to watch him. Totoro flew down to him and reached out his hand. The boy simply looked and reached into his bag. The boy pulled out a Camera, was the boy going to give it to Totoro as a gift? The boy smiled at Totoro and took a picture, with the flash on. He took several photos of Totoro, who stumbled backwards at the blinding light of the flash. He cried out in pain as the picture's printed out of the camera and developed as a photo. The boy rushed into the house shouting "Look Dad, he is real!" Totoro gasped and quickly struggled to climb onto his spinning top. He finally managed to climb on and fly off into the forest, but not before the Kid's Dad came out and saw Totoro. Great, Totoro was in a photo, now even adults could see him as long as that photo existed. Totoro had made a huge mistake, he rubbed his eyes as they recovered from the Camera flash.


Totoro woke up in a dark area. He could see NOTHING! It was that dark. He looked around and could see his other friends. They were illuminated and were looking in one direction. Totoro crawled forwards and saw they were looking out of a single slit. This meant they were all in a huge box. He looked out and could see some other boxes. They were in the back of a van! Totoro roared but then a huge lashing noise filled the air and something smacked down hard on the box hitting Totoro. "Shut up! We are almost at "Le zoo français!" Totoro and the other creatures calmed down. Totoro reached around and felt his Umbrella. He managed to pull one smile, but it could not be seen in such darkness. He pointed it through the slit and opened it up. He slid backwards and the Umbrella scratched against the side of the box until eventually making some tears. Totoro roared and ripped open the tears and climbed out. "Oi!" Totoro wrestled with the guy and tried to push him to the ground. Totoro must have been weakened, because he wasn't having much luck. He roared again and more people rushed in. They all held electric rods. "Ok boys" said their leader. "NOW!" He roared in pain as he was tied to the wall with rope. He struggled to break free, but could not bring the strength to do so. The other creature's watched in horror and hid in their box. "That should teach him a thing or two. You can go now, I will watch the beast. The truck then drove faster as traffic cleared. On the hills nearby, Catbus, with Kittenbus holding onto Catbus' tail as they ran, pursued the truck. They were running as fast as they could, and didn't care about being seen. The two animal bus's had to save their friends. However, even more traffic cleared and the truck sped up even more, leaving Catbus and Kittenbus behind. "Hey!" shouted somebody. "Look, there are two weird creatures on that hill!" In shock, the two animal bus's disappeared behind the hill. They sat there panting until they noticed a sign. The sign read 'DO YOU WANT TO VISIT GREAT PLACES? DO YOU LIKE CUPS OF TEA? DO YOU LIKE FAMOUS LANDMARKS AND MUSEUMS. DO YOU SEE OTHER PEOPLE GO AND WISH YOU COULD GO? WELL YOU CAN YOU IDIOT! GO ON BRITISH FERRY TRAVELS TODAY! ONLY £69.99!' Catbus smiled and looked at Kittenbus who gleefully looked back. They dashed off into the distance of British Ferry Travels.

After a couple of hours, Satsuki and her family arrived in London. She woke up and rubbed her eyes. She had noticed she was leaning against the window and looked out. "Wow, is this London?!" she asked happily.
"Yes it is honey!" smiled Yasuko.
"It looks boring..." moaned Mei.
"Shut up, look at the sun, and the buildings, and the people! This must be a great place!" smiled Satsuki. Tutseo could tell she was trying to get over losing Totoro from her life. He could easily tell this because of the tone of her voice. He felt sad for her though, a childhood friend who she could no longer see because she was older. Satsuki remembered how she would always see Totoro in her back garden everytime it was her birthday. "So where are we going to live?" asked Mei.
"In a little street called Frankmarsh" replied Yasuko.
"Frankmarsh sounds like a creature" gasped Satsuki. "Does that mean-"
"-No, there are no mythical creatures here" interrupted Tutseo. Mei and Satsuki frowned.
"I've had enough, we've hardly been here that long, I want to go home!"
"No! We can't!" shouted Tutseo in anger. Satsuki gasped in fear. Tutseo calmed down. "Look darling..... I know you loved Totoro-"
"With all of my heart!"
"-But all of friendships end. You need to accept it. You can't be with something forever." Satsuki thought for a moment and laid back in her chair. "Ok Dad..." Her head hung low...
"Sister?" asked Mei.
"Go away" sniffed Satsuki.
"No, I am sorry."
"What? Why are you sorry? What for?"
"For making you cry!"
"No, no..... That wasn't your fault. Your bigger sister is just stupid."
"No you're not. I look up to you, I love you!" Satsuki looked into her eyes.
"I love you too" sniffed Satsuki as she hugged Mei.

HONK! blurted the ferry as it arrived in London. The passengers walked off and into the brightly illuminated docks. A sailor walked alongside the passengers and said "Ok, don't rush! Get off one at a time! There is not any hurry!" Suddenly he heard alot of the passengers scream and saw the shadow of a huge animal. "Ok... Now there is a reason to hurry, RUN!" All of the passengers shouted as Catbus leaped out of the boat and onto a building. He smiled down at the passengers and ran off, leaping roof to roof. It was late at night so that was an advantage for him. Kittenbus slept inside Catbus, snuggled into his fur. Catbus then noticed one particular house and leapt across to it. He leapt roof to roof to Big Ben to roof as fast as possible. As soon as he was on Big Ben, without thinking twice he just jumped off and towards the window. He made a huge screeching meow noise as he did so and it shattered the glass of the window he was heading to. Only, Catbus was too big for a window and instead he smashed into the wall and slid down it. "Meow!" He dug his claws into the wall, struggling to stay on. Two or three people spotted him and went to shout but before they could he slipped into the window. "Meow!" Satsuki jumped out of bed and looked around wildly until she noticed Catbus, looking at her. "Catbus!" shouted Satsuki as she hugged him. "But... How can I see you?" she asked curiously. The Catbus looked at her and Kittenbus climbed out. "Kittenbus?" she asked. Kittenbus ducked back into Catbus and pulled out a newspaper then gave it to Satsuki. She read the Top Headline. 'Strange Beings Captured!' She gasped and looked at the picture below it, which was a picture of Totoro in chains! "How could they do this? How DID they do this? Only a child can see-" She then saw a camera photo sticking out of the newspaper which was a smiling picture of Totoro. She looked at the others and in each photo you could see Totoro more in pain from the blinding light of the camera. "Through the eyes of a child. So, a child took a photo? Totoro can be seen through the eyes of a child but if he's in a picture and seen in the picture by an older person, every human can suddenly see it?" Catbus nodded.
"Satsuki?" called Yasuko from downstairs. "Are you not asleep?" Catbus quickly opened up his door for Satsuki to get in, but the door opened. Catbus gasped and quickly jumped out and left Satsuki standing there. "Satsuki..." sighed Yasuko.
"I saw one of the Totoro's!" shouted Satsuki.
"Huh? But they can only be seen by chi-"
"Something terrible has happened! Some child took a photo of Totoro and showed it to an adult! Now everybody can see him and he and his friends have been captured!" Yasuko gasped as she looked as she looked at Satsuki, who's face was dead serious. She thought, then said "Look honey, go to bed and stop telling tales."
"But I'm telling the truth!" shouted Satsuki.
They both then heard a yawning voice and looked at Mei, who had now woken up. "What's going on?" asked Mei.
"Now look, you woke up Mei!" Satsuki went to say something, but decided she best not. She then climbed into her bed and went under the covers. "Don't worry Mei, you go to sleep. Your sister was just being silly."

Tick! 11 PM
Tick! 12 PM
Tick! 1 AM
Tick! 2 AM
Tick! 3 AM

Satsuki climbed out of her bed, she hadn't slept a single second. She couldn't stop thinking of Totoro, how paranoid and scared the Catbus was. What if in the time Catbus had left and this exact moment, Catbus and Kittenbus had been captured too? Satsuki couldn't cope, so she jumped out of her bed. She was sure her parents were asleep now. She went to her dresser and pulled out some clothes and put them on over her nightdress. She looked at Mei and decided she shouldn't come. She walked to the door and walked down the stairs. Creak! Satsuki gasped and looked at her parents bedroom. They hadn't had her. She slowly turned around and saw her father. "Wah! Father..."
"Satsuki, what are you doing?"
"I'm helping my friends!"
"But Satsu-"
"Shut up!" She pushed passed him and out of the door. There was hardly anybody in the streets, even the street lights were off. Perfect! She looked around and then decided which direction to face.
"Satsuki!" shouted Tutseo.
"Not now Dad" said Satsuki. "CATBUS!" The Catbus did not come, sadly, she looked down.
"Come on Satsuki, get back to-"
MEOW! Satsuki looked around, trying to spot Catbus. "Catbus, where are you?!" shouted Satsuki. Suddenly he formed in front of Satsuki and smiled. Tutseo just stared at the Catbus in amazement. "But that... that's.... how is that possible?"
"Anything is possible" smiled Catbus.
"It can talk?!" gasped Tutseo.
"Catbus, do you know where Totoro is?" she asked.
"Yes" replied the Catbus. One of it's windows opened up into a door and Satsuki climbed inside.
"Next Stop: France." Tutseo looked at his daughter inside the Catbus just as Yasuko walked up behind him.
"Honey?" she gasped as she saw the Catbus, how he shined in the moonlight.
"See you later Mum! Bye Dad!" she happily smiled.
"Pour le zoo! C'est parti!" shouted the Catbus in glee as he leaped into the air. Tutseo and Yasuko looked at each other.

Satsuki felt tears of joy roll down her face as she rode the Catbus. She hadn't been able to see Catbus or Totoro for quite a long time, but now they were going to be visible for some time. Satsuki would properly be able to see him, what he looked like. He probably looked the same, but she still couldn't wait. Unfortunately, she and Catbus had to save Totoro first. Catbus was running as fast as possible, she guessed he was determined to save Totoro too. Then, who wouldn't be? Apart of from those sicko's who imprisoned him. She was SURE every other child wanted to rescue him! "We have reached destination point. Le zoo français!" From where Satsuki and the Catbus was, she could see the zoo, and a huge sign. She struggled to read it, as it was in French, but it was easy to tell what it meant from the pictures around it. In these pictures were Totoro and his friends! They didn't seem very happy in them..... And from what she could also see, there was a HUGE LINE of people queuing up for the Zoo. There were only two security guards outside. 'Seriously?' thought Satsuki. 'If I had captured a newly discovered species that everybody was excited to see, I would have more than one security guard. Then yet, they're all probably inside making sure Totoro and his friends didn't escape. That makes sense.' Satsuki looked around as the Catbus waited for her command. She looked at him and whispered "The Back! Quietly, and DON'T be seen!" Catbus smiled and meowed. "NO! I didn't say Loudly, I said Quietly!" In shock, she pulled on his fur as some Security Guards circled them, aiming pistols at their heads. She sighed in distress and facepalmed her face.
"Stand still Little Girl, and you... thing" said the Leader as he looked at Catbus, who angrily looked at him back. Satsuki looked at the far hill and noticed a dark shape. It looked similar, like a bus..... But with many legs and two shiny yellow circles. No... It couldn't be...... Satsuki grinned as more of the shapes appeared on all of the hills and walked into the light. They were all Catbus's! The Catbus's snarled at the Security Officers and distracted them as Satsuki and her Catbus jumped over the guard's and into the zoo. In the zoo, Totoro sat down and held his umbrella. It clearly wasn't the happiest day for him.


Totoro and his friends gasped and jumped up in surprise. Air rushed into the area and every child hid behind a solid object and held onto it. The air even whipped up a whole bunch of solid objects and they smashed against the cages of Totoro and his friends. A super fast blur rushed past in a quarter of a second. Within the length of a blink, all the Cages were slashed open and the rushing of air stopped. Totoro took a step out of his cage and smiled his famous grin. A couple of guards rushed in with Electric Rods. Out of the other entrance came Satsuki and the Catbus. "Totoro!" shouted Satsuki. Totoro gasped and looked at Satsuki. He ran over to her as the Guards rushed after him. He threw his spinning top on the floor and jumped on it, spinning around to face the guards, smacking them away with his umbrella. Totoro's friends rushed towards the Catbus and inside him. Totoro frowned his famous smile but upside down with angry eyes. "You are in trouble now!" shouted Satsuki as more guards rushed in. Totoro charged towards them all and roared, sending them flying backwards. Totoro turned back around to face Satsuki who ran out of the Catbus and hugged him. "Totoro" she said in happiness. A solid tear rolled out of her eye and dropped onto Totoro's foot. "I'm so happy! I can see you again, but not for so long! You are going to go back to usual soon right?" Totoro nodded. More tears rolled out of her eyes. "Totoro, I was never able to properly say goodbye to you. Because I couldn't see you, and that was totally my fault! I never ever visited you again after I became 12, I thought it would be okay. That I would say bye to you at age 18. But I never did. You always came to my birthday, I saw you in the backgarden with your umbrella, I did! Only, I never decided to say hello. I didn't even decide to say I knew you were there. You stayed there, hoping, through Rain and Shine, Snow and Storm, but I never did say Hello, or Goodbye, or Thank you..... I never said any of those, I just hung out with my friends all of the time and forgot about going to see you. Mei had the right idea though, she made time for seeing you, yet also being able to see her friends before, or after. She could still see you, she got to say a proper goodbye. But now I can see you, and I have come all the way from London to France to see you again, and me and the Catbus have rescued you! So please, accept my apology, Totoro. I... I love you. "She couldn't stop herself, she burst into tears and hugged Totoro. He looked down at her and smiled. She looked up and him and asked "Why? Why are you grinning?" He smiled even more, and put his arms around her, hugging her in joy. He roared a sound of happiness, sadness and joy. She smiled, and forced the tears not to roll down her face. She smiled as she jumped off of him. His other smaller friends grabbed onto him as he stepped on his spinning top and flew up into the air, vanishing once again, only to be seen by the eyes of a child. Satsuki looked up and smiled. "Goodbye, friend."

The End
Guess what I found! Mei and the Kittenbus! (Recorded by Camera though, but it's still good!)

It is the year 1972 and Satsuki and Mei are all grown up. They are moving house because of their other friends have moved too, and Nanny is the only friend left. Mei, who can still see Totoro says her goodbyes to him, followed by Satsuki who cannot see him but says her goodbyes. They leave for london, but not before Satsuki is stressed, upset she could not see Totoro. Totoro, who is also sad, uses his powers to make another child move in, but this child takes a photo of him, making it possible for adults to see Totoro and his friends! This leads to Totoro and his friends being captured, and it is up to Satsuki to save them.

My Neighbor Totoro (C) Studio Ghibli
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